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New Frilly Jungle Website!

by Kathryn Lutze on Monday, December 12, 2011 link Permalink

Welcome to the new-look Frilly Jungle website! The old site is still available and will run for a few weeks or months until the new site is fully operational and bug-free. You can visit the old site here Some of the cool new features of the new site include the following;

  • A better online shopping experience
  • This cool blog! You can subscribe to this blog's RSS feed if you want to get updates instantly
  • Email marketing. You can subscribe to our email newsletter which will include special deals, updates, new product arrivals and specials just for our email subscribers. Subscribe to it today!!
  • News and announcements. We will be able to post news and announcements which will appear on all the pages on the left hand side, which can be clicked on to see more. This way you will always be in the loop!
All of this is thanks to Aaron Lutze from Online in 48 Hours!

A new website is on the way...

by Kathryn Lutze on Wednesday, October 05, 2011 link Permalink

The current Frilly Jungle website is starting to get dated and a fresh new website that is iphone and ipad friendly is on the way!

It will have all the current products plus extra cool new features! Stay tuned as it should be ready before 2012!


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